Jam Exchange!

uncanny is participating in Steph Chow’s 2nd Annual Jam Exchange and is very excited! I will be exchanging one jar of our Rosemary Apple Cider Jelly and a jar of Sour Cherry and Walnut Conserve. This is a great opportunity for all you canners to share your talents and try some yummy sounding preserves.


2 thoughts on “Jam Exchange!

    • Hi Melissa! I joined Steph Chow’s exchange: http://www.stephchows.blogspot.com/ and it had canners in the US, Canada and the UK doing exchanges. If you search around online, you might be able to find other exchanges going on. Now is probably a good time since season’s winding down and there would be some great jams in people’s pantry. I’m not looking to do an exchange at the moment, but I’d be happy to talk jams and preserving with you. Your pantry looks amazing, what an inspiration! I’m new to pressure canning and have been frantically putting up my garden harvest. Do you do any soups, or just fruits and vegetables?

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