Weekly Offerings

Each week, we whip up new batches of preserves based on availability of fruits and vegetables. Never satisfied with the same preserves, each week is an exciting array of sweet, savoury and spicy flavours that capture the best of the season. Enjoy!

Weekly Offerings ~ August 11

Lemon Blueberry Jam ~ 5.00

  • lemon adds the perfect zing to mellow blueberry

Jalapeno Gold ~ 5.00

  • sweet and spicy, this translucent jelly with floating pearls of red pepper, jalapeno, apricots and red onions is as delicious with crackers and cheese as it is slathered on your grilled cheese

Red Currant Orange Jelly ~ 5.00

  • orange adds a lovely flavour and warmth to this beautiful red jelly. Makes a divine glaze for a fruit tart or served European style with your roast meat.

Sour Cherry Jam ~ 5.00

  • fresh, local sour cherries sweetened up and made ready for your morning toast or stirred into yogurt. Try this jam in the Eastern European style: dollop of jam and a mug of strong tea.

Balsamic Mustard ~ 3.00 (125 mL)

  • garlic and brown mustard seeds add the heat that sweet balsamic vinegar tames. A delicious addition on your next roast vegetable sandwich.

Mustard with Lime and Coriander ~ 3.00 (125 mL)

  • lime and coriander add liveliness to this coarse ground mustard and is perfect with fish and chicken

Spiced Apple Butter ~ 6.00

  • cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon add warmth and coziness to this thick apple butter

2 thoughts on “Weekly Offerings

  1. Hey Lins! So great to see your blog up and running. I couldn’t get enough of your mustard slathered on our chicken the other night, so we are having it again tonight!

    Are you ok with me linking your blog to mine, if I talk about your mustard? Let me know!

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