Weekly Offerings ~ August 26th

This Saturday is my last day at the market. If you’re in the Sackville area, come down to the Bridge Street Cafe and enjoy some artisan preserves, live music, fresh breads and more.

Sweet Offerings:

Blueberry Walnut Conserve – 6.00

– wild Nova Scotia blueberries, citrus slices and hearty walnuts combine to form a beautiful and rich conserve

Vanilla Peach Jam – 5.50

– reduced-sugar allows the warm peach and vanilla flavours to shine through in this chunky jam. A portion of vanilla bean added to each jar for even greater flavour.

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pear Jam – 5.00

– caramel coloured goodness with the comforting spice of cinnamon

Honey Pear and Vanilla Jam – 5.50

– a beautiful amber coloured jam with vanilla bean caviar and the earthy warmth of honey

Apple Jelly – 5.00 

– fresh, local apples with the perfect hint of cinnamon

 Blueberry Apple Spread – 5.00

– naturally sweetened with apple juice allows the blueberries to be the star of this show

 Blueberry Lime Jam – 5.00

– slight hint of lime juice and zest balance beautifully with blueberries


Red Pepper Jelly – 5.00

–  this sweet and spicy jelly will liven up your crackers with cheese and make an excellent dipping sauce

 Apple Chutney – 5.00

– fresh local apples livened up with onions, garlic and spices. Delightful served with pork chops, chicken, fish or with a curry.

 Dilled Garlic Beans – 5.00

– tender and crisp green beans in a garlic, peppercorn and dill brine. Perfect for the pickle fan.

 Papa Jon’s Fiery Pepper Jelly – 3.00

– jalapeno peppers add heat to this balsamic and red pepper jelly. Try this on your next grilled cheese for a spicy kick.


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