Farmer’s Markets

Where else can you come home with an armload of cheery sunflowers, an exotic French pumpkin, an oblong container of fresh sushi, a button supporting your local political candidate and a take away container filled with the most aromatic Indian dishes?

I love my farmer’s market.

I love that I can find a variety of hand produced goods all in one place, but I especially love that you can talk with the vendors and discover their passion for food, crafts, charities, political involvment and more. Somehow paying double for organic, locally grown garlic isn’t so bad when you hear the difference in quality of local vs imported store bought, you learn great tips on storing garlic and interesting receipes. You see the passion on the farmer’s face as she talks about her garlic. While it may be a cliche, I get a warm feeling in supporting a farmer and knowing  I’m helping her continue what she loves to do.  If you love what you do, it shows and I can attest, these are very happy looking garlic bulbs!

Do these happy garlic bulbs make a difference in your dishes? Does buying locally produced products and goods really change your Tuesday night dinner? I believe they do. You treat those ingredients differently, you have respect for the ingredients or the product. You offer it to friends and family with a real sense of pride and satisfaction. There’s that cozy, earthy comfort that can only come when you know that you’re part of something grander than yourself, part of a system that’s allowing good things to continue, all with your purchase of locally grown and produced foods.

This was my last Saturday at the market for the summer. It’s been a joy to meet face-to-face with customers and share my passion for locally grown ingredients, swap gardening advice, share jam recipes or be delight in people sharing their stories of growing up in a canning household. It’s remarkable how the humble mason jar can evoke memories of love, warmth and togetherness. It’s been a joy to be part of that larger picture of supporting and being supported and having passion for your craft.

So, three cheers for local farmer’s market!


One thought on “Farmer’s Markets

  1. Thanks for this blog Lindsay! It is always a delight to go local and organic shopping and it is so important. I am indeed trying to do that more often.

    Just wanted to let you know that the raspberry amaretto jelly was a hit this morning with breakfast. I hosted my mom, Marilyn, and the other minister’s two daughters for a homemade breakfast. Everyone tried to get my bottle to take with them- delish! Awesome on yummy Hungry Girl French Toast and rice products (for my gluten free visitor) with laughing cow light! Thank you for making our day!

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