Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrive!

It's Here!

The third Thursday of every year is celebrated by wine lovers across the globe and for good reason: It’s a grand tradition and a great excuse to drink some wine! On that third Thursday at midnight, bottles of Beaujolais nouveau is shipped all around the world so everyone has a chance to celebrate the arrival of the first fruits together. Fun!

Beaujolais is very young, very fresh and needs to be consumed quite quickly. You’re not looking for depth of character, but more for a hint or promise of what’s to come from  this year’s vintage. It’s also a chance to rejoice in the harvest, to sit back and relax and reflect on all that hard work you did over the summer and enjoy the fruits of your labour. So enjoy, toast your efforts and celebrate with Francophones and vinophiles around the world that Beaujolais nouveau est arrive!


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