Monthly Feature: Vanilla


Vanilla: A Rich Holiday Treat

Vanilla. That warm, seductive flavour that’s perfect for winter. Vanilla pairs beautifully with a variety of drinks, desserts and savoury dishes, like a Vanilla Squash Risotto.

This month, in honour of Christmas and because we’re all short on time as we count down to the holidays, the recipe is quick and easy and perfect for last minute gift giving: Vanilla Sugar.

1 vanilla bean pod
2 cups granulated sugar

Slice vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape seeds into a container. Toss in scrapped vanilla pod and stir all together. Store sugar mixture in an airtight container, decorate with a fancy tag and within minutes, you’ve got a delicious last minute gift.  The “caviar” of the vanilla pods adds a touch of gourmet and looks incredible against the white backdrop of the sugar. Vanilla sugar can be replaced in any recipe where sugar is required, such as hot cocoa or sprinkled, sprinkled on top of sugar cookies or used in a rice/bread pudding.

In honour of vanilla, we’re taking 15% our Peach Vanilla Jelly. Local Siberian peaches with real vanilla bean caviar are a rich combination. Try it today!


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