Jam Exchange: Century Crafts

Have I mentioned how much I adore jam exchanges? It’s a great way to meet other canners, share your knowledge and sample some really tasty jam. Thanks to Steph Chows Jam Exchange, I was paired with Jeanne at Century Crafts and it’s been a real joy. Her jams arrived today and I was so anxious to tuck into them, but took a moment to enjoy a lovely note card and appreciate how these exchanges bring people together you wouldn’t normally meet, but you’re so glad you did.

So, without further ado, check out what I scored:

Love the Beautiful Toppers

Gorgeous Colours

The “Everything” jam has a beautiful, syrupy set, so I’m saving it for my next batch of pancakes. I may just wait until the first snow flies and savour the taste of summer’s bounty, all picked locally and most of it from her own gardens. The Peach Jam did not get saved for a wintery day; it got opened almost immediately and savoured.

Jeanne kept her fruit on the chunky side with a soft set, which is my favourite way to enjoy jam. I love spooning jams over things and I’d much rather have recognizable chunks of fruit and a really soft set, then an almost pureed and stiff jam.  The taste of the Ontario peaches is so prominent and the heady aroma of peaches is remarkable. She did a great job capturing the best of pure, peach flavour and letting the true beauty of peaches shine through.

Since I don’t dig traditional bread, I generously spooned it over some coconut flour bread and tucked in with a steaming mug of tea. It was *so* good.

Peach Heaven

My thanks, Jeanne for a great exchange and for sharing your jams with me. Look forward to more exchanges in the future.


2 thoughts on “Jam Exchange: Century Crafts

  1. They both look and sound amazing! I will definetely need to do this exchange next year! I can’t wait to hear how the Kitchen Sink one is! Enjoy!

  2. I’m so glad you like the jam!! I tend to like my jam with chunks. Does that make it more of a conserve? I don’t really know the difference. I don’t care as long as it’s tasty!
    Thanks so much for doing the exchange!

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