And the winner is…

*Becky! She was correct that it is a Mulled Wine Jelly. I followed the basic recipe for a mulled red wine of gently stewing the wine with some peppercorns, cloves, orange and lemon zest and a vanilla bean. Add some sugar, pectin and a splash of kirsch at the end and you’ve got a delicious jelly that is made for a cheese platter.


I almost forgot to add that the wine is homemade from our own grape vines. It turns out, we picked them too early and the resulting wine was a little too dry for our liking. Still, add enough sugar and spices to anything and it becomes delicious!


Thanks for all the entries and guesses, almost all of you had it.


* I used a random integer widget, but can’t figure out how to upload the code into a post, so you’ll just have to trust me that Becky is the legitimate winner. *


*Guess the Jelly Contest*

Can you guess the specific type of jelly I’ve made with the following ingredients? It’ll be tempting to name the predominant flavour, but the key is the supporting players that are adding a unique and specific type of flavour. Guess the correct jelly and you might win a jar! Please note: lemon and orange rind couldn’t attend the photoshoot, but are present in the jelly.

Those that guess correctly will be entered into a draw for a jar.

Guess the Jelly

Guess the Jelly

Winner will be announced next Tuesday, April the 5th. Contest limited to residents of  Canada and the U.S.