*Guess the Jelly Contest*

Can you guess the specific type of jelly I’ve made with the following ingredients? It’ll be tempting to name the predominant flavour, but the key is the supporting players that are adding a unique and specific type of flavour. Guess the correct jelly and you might win a jar! Please note: lemon and orange rind couldn’t attend the photoshoot, but are present in the jelly.

Those that guess correctly will be entered into a draw for a jar.

Guess the Jelly

Guess the Jelly

Winner will be announced next Tuesday, April the 5th. Contest limited to residents of  Canada and the U.S.


Jam Swap, Part II: Aagaard Farms

Jar Full of Yummy with Photo Spoiled by Rookie Photographer

Over at our sister site, 100 Mile Locavores, we’re involved with the Dark Days Challenge, which is where I met Norah, of Aagaard Farms in Brandon, Manitoba.

Canners have a way of finding each other and I’m glad I found Norah because we organized a swap: My Wild Blueberry with Grand Marnier and Carrot Apple Butter for Aagaard Farm’s Nanking Cherry Jelly and Grape Jelly, both from her own farm. Love local jams!

It’s always a great day when jams arrive in your mail box. I couldn’t wait to tuck into the Nanking Cherry Jelly and downing a big spoonful was the best way to celebrate the bright, straight-from-the-garden flavour. Cherry is the one flavour that always makes me smile. It was equally delicious stirred into yogurt and when my husband dolloped it on his scone, he proclaimed the jar his own.

I’m excited to tuck into the Grape Jelly and have no doubt it’s going to be just as great.

Nanking Cherry Jelly in Action


So if you’re in the Brandon, Manitoba area, take a peek at Aagaard farms. They offer CSA packages and if you manage to score some of their jelly, consider yourself very lucky!

Winter Jam Exchange

Beeloved. Deelicious.

While you’re cooling your heels and waiting for that 5 feet of snow in the backyard to melt before the rhubarb even has a chance to pop up, may I suggest a jam exchange?

Jam exchanges are a great way to share ideas on packaging and flavour combinations and it’s just plain fun. I first found Christina from Beeloved Jams when doing some random Google search on preserves. Up popped a newspaper article and I read about a talented, tattooed, toddler-mama who makes her own preserves. On a whim, I emailed, introduced myself as a fellow toddler-mama, lightly-tattoed preserver and from there, we arranged our first exchange.

I was delighted to receive my package today. Christina surprised me with some homemade soap (Fuzzy Navel…yum!) and three homemade chapsticks with some edible flavours like Bubble Gum (for my daughter, how sweet is that?!), Pineapple and Tangerine and Caramel.  She sells these along with her preserves at her local market.

Now that I’ve sampled her preserves and tried out her lipchap, I know why newspapers are writing about her!

Beeloved Goodies

I have big plans for my preserves and even made a batch of whole wheat and maple scones just so I could sample all this goodness. First opened was the Molten Marmalade, which is simply amazing. At first you get the sweet, citrus flavour you expect from a marmalade. It’s followed up by this amazing warmth from the Habeneros. It’s not mouth-burning hot, just a warming heat that makes this marmalade pop and stand out from your run-of-the-mill marmalade. The Blazin’ Glory will be delicious over some cheese and crackers and I have no doubt the Organic Blueberry (pictured in the centre) jam on a scone will make the perfect dessert.

So, if you love canning and have a few canners out there you’ve been admiring, why not try an exchange? At best, you expand your repertoire and get some feedback on your own preserves. At worst, you eat some tasty jams. It’s a win-win!

Pimp Your Preserve

Well Preserved hosted a  “Pimp that Preserve” contest with some fantastic entries and some really clever ideas on how to dress up your preserves, just in time for the holiday season.  Uncanny has some great friends, family and fans and came in first and wins a much coveted Canning and Preserving with Ashley English. She has a delicious pickled carrot recipe I’m excited to try. Thanks to everyone for your votes!

So, head on over to Well Preserved and take a peek at some creative decorations and how easy it is to highlight the fabulousness of your preserve.


My Thanks!

What Makes Life Great

My warmest thanks goes to my friend, Alyson for the lovely picture of how she enjoys her uncanny preserve (specifically peach rum butter) and a wonderful write-up. I’ve known Alyson for many years and one definite thing we have in common is our love for food. Alyson excels at creating and crafting some truly delicious dishes. She has a flair for hearty and bold dishes and can handily tackle Japanese cuisine, which is no easy feat. While I happily enjoy fine food, she is busy crafting it, like a true artist. Oh and I have mentioned her desserts? One word: truffles. I rest my case.
She has a lovely blog with pictures and recipes of her delicious creations. I promise, they will inspire you. Enjoy!

Ah shucks…

Uncanny at the Market

My lovely photographer friend, Kim McMillan did a lovely write-up about uncanny and is generously offering a giveaway, so if you’re hankering for your very own jar of something tasty, head over to: http://kimmcmillan.typepad.com/the_people_i_meet/2010/09/guess-what.html and take a shot at guessing what Kim’s up to this weekend.

While you’re at her blog, check out some of her photos. Is she not a talented photographer? I first met Kim when I worked retail at a photography studio. Kim would often come in and buy supplies and we chatted about photography, life, children, happiness and more.  Knowing her passion for capturing truth in every photo and the kind soul behind the lens has made me proud to own some of her work.