Jam Exchange

Jam Exchange

It’s that time again! Steph at Steph Chows is undertaking her annual jam exchange that I believe is in it’s third or fourth year. It has a wide pool of participants and is actually really simple: send Steph your contact information, whether you’d be willing to ship domestically or internationally and package up 2 jars of preserves. If you have a blog, fantastic! You can blog all about it, sharing what you sent and what you received. Not only is it a great way to connect with other canners, but it’s also fantastic in sharing ideas and broadening your horizons.

Last year, I was paired up with a woman in Toronto who sent me a lovely jar of Blueberry Thyme Jam and Bittersweet Marmalade and I sent her a Sour Cherry Walnut Conserve and Rosemary Apple Jelly. I’m excited to go through my pantry and decide what goodies to send this year.

Deadline is mid-August and all the information can be found here.


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